Published on:December 2016
    Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine, 2017; 3(1):27-30
    Brief Report | doi:10.5530/jppcm.2017.1.6

    Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency in an Indian Community

    Authors and affiliation (s):

    Maddi Ramaiah*1, Prudhivi Ramakrishna2

    1Department of Pharmacognosy, Hindu College of Pharmacy, Guntur – 522002, AP, INDIA.

    2Department of Pharmacy Practice, Dayananda Sagar University, Bangalore – 560078, Karnataka, INDIA.


    Background: India, the seventh largest country, 3rd largest standing army and one of the oldest civilizations in the world, with a literacy rate of 74.04%. Indian population was a mixture of 46,73,034 categories of different castes and sub-caste each related to a specific occupation. Arya Vysya is a Hindu Indian caste with a total population of 22,952,000. Methods: Pseudocholinesterase is a glycoprotein enzyme with complex molecular structure synthesized in the liver and specifically hydrolyzes certain exogenous cholinesters. Pseudocholinesterase deficiency is a genetic enzyme abnormality or acquired alteration in the metabolism of choline esters in this patient may experience a paralysis of the respiratory muscles, to overcome this, required more time mechanically-assisted breathing. The presence of the genetic defect is not realized until one is exposed to succinylcholine or mivacurium. Results: Arya Vysya community people of India having deficiency of pseudocholinesterase is the most affected people than any other with homozygous mutation incidence rate of 2-4%. Very recent studies in 2016 reveal that malnutrition-induced pseudocholinesterase deficiency is also a possible etiology. Conclusion: It was suggested that the Arya Vysya Community people with a history of pseudocholinesterase deficiency should tell his or her doctor if when they undergo anesthesia for surgery to avoid potentially serious unwanted adverse effects.

    Key words: India, Arya Vysya, Pseudocholinestase, Pseudocholinestrase deficiency, Choline esters, Acholest test paper. 

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    Ramaiah M, Ramakrishna P. Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency in an Indian Community. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine. 2017;3(1):27-30. Abstract