Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Pakistan: Undiagnosed Threat to Pregnant Women

Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Community Medicine,2019,5,4,80.
Published:December 2019
Type:Letter to Editor
Author(s) affiliations:

Maria Tahir1, Noman ul Haq2, Arooj Abid3,*, Abeera Zafar2

1Department of Pharmacy, Sardar Bahadur Khan University, Quetta, PAKISTAN.

2Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Balochistan, Sariab Road, Balochistan, PAKISTAN.

3Riphah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Riphah International University, Islamabad, PAKISTAN.


Dear Editor,

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a rare disorder and due to non-uniformity in its diagnostic criteria and changes over time in the recommended glucose values,[1] it is a major and a severe problem during pregnancy. But the time has reached to draw peoples’ attention towards this major medical complication of pregnancy. Women with risk factors such as age greater than 25 years; being overweight i.e., BMI > 27kg/m2 before pregnancy and BMI > 30kg/m2 during pregnancy; family history of diabetes; the previous history of pregnancy-induced hypertension and weight of the previous baby of ≥4.5kg have a greater incidence of hyperglycemia during their pregnancy period.[2]